Sindt, Inc. Industrial Tire Solutions was originally located in Davenport Iowa before moving its head quarters to Denver Colorado. The founder of the company Gale Sindt began his career in the forklift industry in 1973 working as a technician for various forklift dealerships. In 1981 he started his own forklift service company providing products and services to companies in the manufacturing and material handling industry.

    The company’s focus has always been on finding solutions to their customer’s problems in order to bring down the high cost of forklift maintenance and improve productivity. A common complaint of companies was that they were replacing their forklift tires prematurely due to the tires developing flat spots on them creating what is known as out of round tires. This caused substantial unnecessary expense due to the high cost of tire replacement. In addition, the jarring of the forklifts caused by the flat spots on the tires increased the wear and tear on the forklifts leading to increased forklift repair costs. In order to find a solution to this common problem, Sindt, Inc. implemented a process  for reconditioning out of round forklift tires. In 1999 after much research and testing Sindt, Inc. began successfully using the forklift tire reconditioning process with their customers. In response to their customer’s requests to use the process at their additional locations throughout the United States, a service program was implemented enabling their customers to dramatically cut the costs associated with forklift tire replacement at their locations nationwide.

    At Sindt, Inc. we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products and services as we continue to develop and expand our line of cost saving forklift tire reconditioning products and equipment.