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How It Works


Reconditioning Machine

Introduction Video

Save Money

    Recondition your forklift tires at a fraction of the cost of replacing them. Increase the life of your tires 60% -100% or more. For non-marking tires the savings is even greater. Nationwide firms with multiple locations can realize hundreds of thousands of dollars in yearly savings.

Reduce Wear and Tear on Forklifts

    Decrease unnecessary maintenance costs and increase the life of your forklifts. Running a forklift with out of round tires is damaging to the:
        ● Wiring
        ● Hydraulic System
        ● Trunion Bearings
        ● Drive Train
        ● Engine Mounts
        ● Battery
        ● Radiator
        ● King Pins
        ● Steer Cylinder
        ● Tie Rods
        ● Wheel Bearings

Reduce Jarring of Forklift Drivers

    Reduce medical costs. Lower back problems are common among forklift drivers.

Is Environmentally Beneficial

    Increasing the life of your tires means you’ll throw away fewer tires into already burgeoning landfills.

And Improve Safety

    Increase the safety of your work environment by using smooth running forklifts carrying stable loads.