Sindt, Inc. Industrial Tire Solutions has been providing top quality products and services for it’s customers in the manufacturing and material handling industries for nearly 30 years. The Sindt product line includes Solideal 100% natural rubber press on's, pneumatic shaped solids and pneumatics, as well as Thombert polyurethane wheels and tires for narrow aisle electric lift trucks and industrial equipment.

    The key to our company’s success has always been our strong commitment to customer care and satisfaction. We realize that tires and wheels are one of the highest wear items on a forklift. Our goal at Sindt, Inc. is to help your company to be as productive and cost effective as possible. In order to reach that goal it is imperative to bring down the high cost of forklift tire replacement. This is accomplished not only by providing our customers with the highest quality, longest lasting forklift tires and wheels in the industry, but also by offering money saving products and services. One such product is the forklift tire reconditioning process. By means of the forklift tire reconditioning process companies nationwide are increasing the life of their forklift tires 60% -100% or more, dramatically lowering the cost of forklift tire replacement. Contact us for more information about our products and services.