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    A major expense to companies running forklifts is forklift tire replacement. The main reason for replacing forklift drive tires is because they develop flat spots on them due to the braking and accelerating of the forklift. These flat spots on the tires also referred to as out of round tires, cause the forklift to shake and bounce, jarring the truck, the driver, and the load. Since tires are the only suspension a forklift has, running a forklift with out of round tires is worse than driving a car without shocks and springs.

    For years companies have searched for a way to bring down the high cost of tire replacement and eliminate the wear and tear on forklifts caused by out of round drive tires. The patented forklift tire reconditioning process now enables companies to recondition out of round tires safely, quickly and at a fraction of the cost of replacing them.

    Companies nationwide are now benefiting from this revolutionary process. Nationwide firms with multiple locations can realize hundreds of thousands of dollars in yearly savings. Contact us for more information or to arrange for one of our representatives to meet with you and demonstrate our forklift reconditioning process.